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Oh well.  Kristina did well at Challenge of Champions XXVIII, but not enough to earn a trophy.

She went up against two high-brown belts (the highest belt before black), and beat the first one.  And, while she defended herself quite well against the second, getting out of several near-submissions, it wasn’t enough to win.

She’s looking forward to December’s tournament.

You’ve probably seen the ads.  “My name is Todd Davis.  This is my Social Security Number…”  It’s from the CEO of LifeLock, a company that offers “identity theft protection”.  The service must be pretty darn good if the CEO is announcing his Social Security Number to the world, with a “just try to steal my identity” arrogance.

Well, you’d be wrong.

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Just a reminder that there is no BlogTalkRadio show this week for the Memorial Day weekend, nor next week, due to Kristina’s competition at the Challenge of Champions.

You’re at a conference for information security.  You pass the IBM booth where they’re giving out free USB thumb drives with some marketing material, and you pick one up.  Think you’re safe?  Think again.

Even IBM can make mistakes.

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Sorry, but we moved servers and upgraded our WordPress software at the same time, and I haven’t found the right magic incantation to import the old blog files.  For now, we’ll just have to start from fresh. Sorry about that.  I have everything backed up here, so nothing was lost.  It’s just not available online yet.

You will also have to re-register to post comments.

Well, as we like to say, “you’ll do it better the second time around”.  :-)