You’re at a conference for information security.  You pass the IBM booth where they’re giving out free USB thumb drives with some marketing material, and you pick one up.  Think you’re safe?  Think again.

Even IBM can make mistakes.

At the recent Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) 2010 conference, IBM handed out USB thumb drives with a keylogger virus attached to the setup program.

Now, probably all the major anti-virus/anti-malware programs out there have known about this particular infection for years, so you would probably be “safe” in the sense that your up-to-date anti-virus program would warn you about the infection, but it just points out further the need to keep your programs up to date.

There are numerous articles on the ‘net with further details.  You can read SC Magazine’s article, ESET’s article, or search Google News for other links.

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